Road Department

Maintenance Garage

13468 Weygandt St.

North Lawrence, Ohio 44666


Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Road Superintendent:  Chuck Kull

Asst. Road Superintendent:  Jeremy Rohr

Employees:   Chuck Rohr



Lawrence Township will be picking Christmas trees up by request, December 26,2020 - January 28, 2021.

The trees must be live and bare (no lights, ornaments etc..)

Please call the road department at 330-854-3494 or the administration office at 330-854-3830 to request a pick up.

Please be sure to move all basketball hoops from the road right of way from now until April 1, 2021 to allow our road department the ability to efficiently clear the roads when it snows.

Please be sure to check the post on your mailbox to make sure it's not rotting.

The road department is not responsible for any damage done to a rotting mailbox during snow plowing.

Not all roads within Lawrence Township are maintained by our road department. 


The following numbers are for any questions or complaints regarding roads maintained by the State or the County:

Stark County Engineer

(county roads) (330) 477-6781.

ODOT (state roads)

(330) 452-0365.

Just a reminder...Lawrence Township has a parking ban in all allotments when snow totals reach 2 inches or more.  In order to assure everyone's safety, and to allow our road department to be as efficient as possible, please refrain from parking on the street.